Marine Minerals 125ml

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Have you ever stopped and wondered how all the creatures in the sea receive their energy? Think about the little…

Have you ever stopped and wondered how all the creatures in the sea receive their energy? Think about the little creatures down deep. Some of them even have enough energy to glow and others can give electrical shocks. The answer is simple; MINERALS. The sea is full of a combination of minerals that is a source of nutrition and energy that enables life in the sea to exist. Where do these minerals come from?

Well, lets start with the minerals that come from the soil. Over the years, time has taken its toll on our soils and many of the minerals in our top soils have been washed down the rivers into the sea. Not only have the minerals from the soil been washed down the rivers, but plant matter as well. All of these minerals have ended up in the sea and they have been broken down by the constant churning and turning of the ocean. Of course there are also many ocean currents that determines where these minerals end up.

Paradise Nutrients Marine Minerals have been extracted from pristine waters off a select pristine area on the east coast of Australia where the northern and southern waters meet. This means that the minerals from this area are from varied areas. This also contains a huge lava flow that runs over the continental shelf and is covered by an abundance of kelp and sea grasses. One could only imagine what these giant sea plants also release into the sea from minerals that they have been digested. It is from this area that Paradise Nutrients Marine Minerals have been extracted. Once extracted, the marine minerals are sent to the lab and excess sea water and sodium is taken away.

At Paradise Nutrients we fuse the marine minerals together with our 74 plus Senonian vegetate minerals from UTAH USA. This gives us a unique broad spectrum of nutrients from around the world to form a product that not only delivers Nano size marine and colloidal minerals but also the high energy super conductive benefits that come with them; mineral products that are extremely fine and have the ability to charge the body with high electrical connective energy.

Life as we know it requires liquid water, energy, organic and inorganic molecules. These inorganic molecules are the minerals, the very source of physical life. The disappearance of these vital minerals from our food chain may be contributing to severe health problems around the world. Minerals create the structures which make up our physical framework. They are specific for healing and well-being. In the embryonic state, if some of these vital components are missing, then the physical body will be missing what it needs to build various organs and structure. Everything is Mineral dependant! It is the sea which now contains the minerals which we are lacking in our foods. The Marine Mono-atomic Elements contain these minerals in a bio-available form.

Everyone is Mineral dependant!

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